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Corporate Mailbox Account


Secure Corporate address in prestigious London W1 area


Personal and Business (Limited company or Sole Trader/Self Employed) use

Protected by mail and identity theft

Recorded / Courier service deliveries accepted

Additional business names

Flexible durations to rent

Mailbox access 7 days a week

Mailbox title: Your company name

Mailbox size: M4 (W=26.5cm x H=15cm x D=36.5cm)

Capacity: 100 DL envelopes OR 50 C5 envelopes OR 20 C4 envelopes

Package holding available

No Call-in service charges to check your mails

Mail forwarding facility

Incoming faxes service

Free Wi-Fi access



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Enquiries: 0207 409 0083












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Corporate Mailbox price plan


3 Months







£5.00 (each)


£10.00 (each)



£5.00 (each)



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Contract Duration



Large size mailbox


Setup fee


Key Charges


Additional Business Name (Optional)


Additional Person

Name (Optional)






All Prices include VAT





6 Months







£5.00 (each)


£10.00 (each)



£5.00 (each)



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12 Months







£5.00 (each)


£10.00 (each)



£5.00 (each)



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Mail Holding and Forwarding business

License # 109 05/12

Special Offer package for new customers only.

Mail Forwarding:

£2.50 PLUS pay for Materials and Postage / Courier cost
Choose from RoyalMail, Fedex or DHL (Deposit Required)
(Was £5.00, you save 50% for limited time only)


Late payment:

£1 per day late payment fee applies, (Maximum £10.00)
(Was £10.00 minimum, Now £1.00 for limited time only)

FREE Additional Names:

Account holder accompanied by 10 FREE mailing names
(either person or business) with Corporate Account
(Was 5.00 per name, Now £0.00 for 10 names, for limited time only)


FREE Mail handling:

FREE mail handling for online or in-store applications.
(Was £5.00, Now £0.00 for limited time only)


FREE registration or setup online or in-store.
(Was £10.00, Now £0.00 for limited time only)


Package holding:

FREE for 24 hours! then only £5 per item per week.
(Was £10.00, you save 50% for limited time only)

Key replacement:

£5.00 fee applies to replace a key / for lost key.
(Was £10.00, Now £5.00 for limited time only)




For all new customers free wi-fi access service in-store.
(Was £5.00, Now £0.00 for limited time only)

Registered company address:

£25.00 per annum fee applies for using this precious address as your company's registered address in the heart of London. Transfer your company address today and get 50% discount.
(Was £50.00, Now £25.00 for limited time only)



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